Care for Merapi 2010

Mojosongo hospital and VAGUS, a student’s nature society have formed an independent volunteering group called TBM PMPA VAGUS (medical assistance by student’s nature society team) and have been working together non stop since October 26th 2010, when the first major explosion happened, to help the victims of Merapi volcano.

We have 30 personnel in our medical assistance team on several locations, the main home base is in Solo, a town about 62 km away from Jogjakarta and from the mostly affected areas. Since it is an independent volunteering group set up by local communities we are lacking of an organizational and administration skills. We do have a main coordinator team which is based in Solo, a field coordinator team based in Selo one of the mostly affected sites near Merapi Mountain, and Public Relation team. Each has their own tasks and responsibilities to ensure that everything we are doing is reaching right to the center of the people who need them most.

Even though VAGUS’ main task is to give medical assistance, on the field we have been doing more than just that. We are assisting the evacuation process, setting up public kitchens and giving emotional supports.

As part of the emergency response, we are now mainly focusing on evacuation and assisting the victims in their temporary refugee camps spreading in many locations.

We are running out of funds and supplies for the victims; we are in great need of logistics such as clean water, food, children’s clothes, underwear, first aid kits, blankets, medications. People are suffering mainly from respiratory problems due to the ashes and thick smokes coming out of the volcano and masks are rare to find. Children are suffering from infectious diseases such as influenza, diarrhea and eye infection.

We are seeking for aids, funds, donations, anything at all that can help us assisting the victims of Merapi volcano.

Any amount of contribution/donation will be very much appreciated.

Here is the bank account where you can donate to :
addressed to : TBM PMPA VAGUS

Account’s holder : ZEN AHYAR

Bank : BCA BANK Indonesia

branch : Gladak, Surakarta

Account number : 0151-457-443


You can transfer there or you can use Western Union to ZEN AHYAR

Email : admin@rs-mojosongo.com, nisa@rs-mojosongo.com

If you have any inquiries at all regarding donations and VAGUS activities, please do not hesitate to email us.




We are aware how little information we can put up here but we are lacking of resources to be able to provide a more informative page on our activities relating Care for Merapi.

Our aim is to help in any way we can to lighten up the weights the victims have been going through.

I hope you are all moved to help us.